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Top Spending Insurance Company Advertisers

While employing a pig and lizard in 2011, Geico spent the most advertising money in the insurance industry, spending an astonishing $1 billion!  State Farm, Allstate/Esurance, Progressive, and Farmers round out the top 5 spenders in the industry.  What do all these companies have in common?  They are all "direct" writers, meaning if you go to Geico for insurance they have just one company to offer you - Geico.  Typically your "agent" is an 800 number or company employee.  Does spending more on advertising equal higher insurance premiums to consumers?  It can't definitely can't make premiums any cheaper!...(most new business to our agency comes from these companies) 

As an independent agency, Lakeside Insurance Brokers represent dozens of insurance companies to give our customers options and choices.  A lot of our companies are smaller regional insurance companies that don't spend a ton of money on advertising and pass that savings on to policyholders.  Choose NOT to work with one of the mega-insurance-advertisers and work with a local agent that will protect you and your family.  We are more than just a funny commercial and an 800 number!

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