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Burnsville Road Construction Update

It's that time of year again! Winter is gone (finally) & it's the start of road construction season. Here is an update for all you Burnsville residents;

There are two road construction projects in our area we wanted to inform you about. Many of you may be aware of the Hwy 13/Cty Rd 5 project already in progress. There will also be a short project on I-35 form Elko to Eagan starting April 21. Below are details for both:

The I-35 Elko to Eagan project will be starting up again. The good news, they only have a small section left to finish. 
You can expect both directions of I-35 to be reduced to a single lane between County Road 50 and County Road 60/185th Street as crews repair concrete beginning Monday, April 21. The head-to-head traffic should wrap up by Memorial Day.

All dates are subject to change due to weather. Once the project is complete the new pavement will provide a smoother ride for motorists.

Hwy 13 / Cty Rd 5
Major traffic changes on Trunk Highway 13 between Washburn Avenue and I-35W are in effect and will continue through mid-July. These changes on Trunk Highway 13 include:

• Reduced to one lane in each direction 
• Lanes shifted to the north half of the roadway to construct the south half (by Fri., April 4)
• Lanes width restricted to 11 feet
• Access to/from County Road 5 (northbound and southbound) closed
• Removal of the signal system at County Road 5
• Reduced speed limit

County Road 5 
Access to/from Trunk Highway 13 is closed and will continue into fall 2014. 

County Road 5 south of Trunk Highway 13 is closed between Williams Drive/Greenwood Drive and Trunk Highway 13. Access to businesses from County Road 5 will remain open to local traffic only until late May/early June.

County Road 5 north of Trunk Highway 13 is closed between Trunk Highway 13 and the NE Frontage Road. 

Greenwood Drive/SE Frontage Road
Greenwood Drive is open to local traffic only.

The southeast frontage road between Greenwood Drive and Valley Drive is open to local traffic only. Access to/from Trunk Highway 13 at Valley Drive is permanently closed.

126th Street
126th Street is open to traffic.

NW Frontage Road – east of Oliver Avenue to County Road 5
The connection between the northwest frontage road and the new alignment of 126th Street is open to traffic.

NE Frontage Road
The NE Frontage Road (north of Trunk Highway 13 east of County Road 5) is open to traffic.

Business Access
Access to businesses will remain available throughout construction. However, the location of access points may change during some of the construction work. Follow the “Business Access” signs to access local businesses.

Speed limits may be reduced in the work zone. Please don’t go around barriers into construction zones.