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6 tips to a prevent house fire

With the recent drought in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, there have been several fire losses throughout the area. Make sure you're preventing a house fire with these tips:

  1. Keep your yard free of debris, clean out your gutters, trip and water bushes near your home and keep your roof clean.
  2. If you smoke, dispose of cigarettes in a proper ash tray or metal can with a metal lid and ensure that the item is completely extinguished. Do not put cigarettes out in potted plants.
  3. Ensure your outdoor cooking surface is kept well away from structures and never leave it unattended. Do not add lighter fluid to a fire. Once cooled, dispose of ashes in a metal container with a metal life and store well away from any structure.
  4. Electrical equipment can be easily overloaded during warm spells. Don't use extension cords as they can heat up and cause a fire. Instead, use a power strip with a breaker.
  5. Don't plug too many items into one outlet. If your breaker trips, you may have too many items drawing power through it.
  6. Never tamper with breakers, they are there for your safety. If a breaker trips repeatedly for no apparent reason, call a licensed electrician.

Our partner, ICC Restoration, specializes in Fire Damage Restoration including a full service contents department within their facility. They have over 28 years of experience caring for resident and commercial fire losses.

If you have fire damage, ICC Restoration will inspect your property at no charge. They will upload all photos and journal notes to their online loss tracking program and send you a link to follow along.

As always, call Lakeside Insurance Brokers with questions on fire safety and/or you have a loss due to fire. We're here to help you through the claims process and have trusted partners to restore your property to pre-loss condition!