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Renting your home during the Ryder Cup? Check your homeowners policy or call your agent to make sure you're covered

The Ryder Cup is the hottest ticket in town. And for those that live in the southwest metro close to Hazeltine, the decision to "see it or flee it" is upon you. For those wanting to make a little extra cash and take the family on a trip during that week, renting your home seems like the perfect scenario.

But, what you may not know, is that your homeowners insurance policy may not cover you for incidental rental exposure. Most policies exclude cover for this - meaning if the renter damages your home, or worse, burns it down, you have NO coverage for it.

So, before you list your home to rent, give Lakeside Insurance a call. We'll review your homeowners insurance policy and advise you on renting your home so you're properly covered.