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Drone Coverage: Don’t fly by the seat of your pants!

Unmanned aircrafts, more commonly known as drones, are becoming popular for both recreational and commercial use.They’ve become increasingly affordable with the most inexpensive models costing less than $50! Many drones are equipped with cameras that can take snapshots or record live video. Although it may be fun to fly a drone around the yard, what happens if you accidentally crash it into a neighbor’s house? What happens if a neighbor is accidentally photographed or videotaped? If you use a drone for your business, will your policy provide coverage? Drones are new and exciting gadgets that fit into any budget, but insurance coverage may be the last thing that crosses your mind when purchasing a drone.

Remember, the government now requires you to register your drone if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds, the weight of two sticks of butter! Make sure you review the Federal Aviation Administration’s website ( and familiarize yourself with state and local laws as many municipalities now regulate drone usage.

Call Lakeside Insurance Brokers to discuss if/how your homeowners or commercial policy covers you and your drone flying.