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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

I want to drive for Uber or Lyft. Am I covered?

The simple answer: probably not. Most personal auto insurance policies excludes vehicles being used as "public or livery conveyance" such as taxis or ride-sharing services. We call this a "gap in coverage".

When are you covered under your current policy?

When the app is off and you are using the vehicle for personal use.

Where is the coverage gap?

As soon as you turn the app on and are available to accept rides, your current coverage on your policy stops. This means that you have no coverage while waiting to find a passenger. Once you are matched with a passenger, the ridesharing service company like Uber or Lyft takeover coverage for you, your vehicle and the passengers.

How much does Ridesharing coverage cost?

The cost is a % of your total vehicle premium that usually averages $100 annually.

The good news? Lakeside Insurance Brokers has access to companies that now offer Ridesharing Coverage. Every auto insurance policy is different as are the different coverages for the various ridesharing companies. It's best to call Lakeside Insurance Brokers if you're considering driving for a ridesharing company and we can review your current policy, provide you with a quote for adding "ridesharing coverage" to your current policy and advise you on other needs.