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What a Mom Really Want on Mother's Day

Motherhood - the best job around. It's also the most thankless and hardest thing you've ever done.

But what each mom wants on Mother's Day is different. Some want the day off WITHOUT their children and spouse needing them for anything. An entire day at a spa to unplug and unwind. Other moms want to enjoy the day with their family.

Others, like me, want to spend the day together as a family, but with the joy of not having to do a thing! I want a break from the "mom routine". For me, that means not having to plan an activity, cook, clean, dress, feed and bathe my son...basically the daily duties. :)

I had BIG expectations last year for my first Mother's Day. And my poor husband didn't meet them. And that's my fault - not his. Well, maybe little bit of his. :) I remember talking/venting to my mom about it and she revealed to me that she's always hated Mother's Day. Man, that made me sad. I definitely felt like a crappy kid and felt bad for my dad. We never met her expectations and left her feeling crappy on the one day that should have been about her. The more I thought about it, I realized moms put a lot of expectations on Mother's Day. It's the ONE DAY that's just about us. About celebrating us. About appreciating us. Our world revolves around our little family now that we're moms and we feel like we usually get the short end of the stick.

Husbands and partners - listen up! I'm going to help you out with the not-so-obvious things you can do to really make your wife and partner feel special on her ONE day. But really, we should celebrate us every day... just saying. :)

Here some EASY gift ideas for your wife or partner that don't cost a thing.

  • Say "thank you" and "you're an amazing mom" the very first thing in the morning - we can NEVER hear that enough!
  • Let her sleep in. Get the kid(s) up, changed, fed and cleaned up so mom can get a few extra minutes or hours in the morning.
  • If you're going to cook, clean up... and clean up right away and how your partner would want it cleaned. Guys, you know what I mean.
  • Unless her mother-in-law is her best friend, don't make her spend the day with your mom.
  • Handmade craft from her kid(s) that show you planned ahead and did a DIY project that she would usually plan and do. Check out Pinterest for ideas and items to use around the house. Even if it's a crayon drawing or outline of their hands, it's something you did with your kids with your partner in mind. Oh, and don't forget to clean up!
  • Turn Honey-Do into Honey-Done. Every time we walk by that broken _____ (fill in the blank), it drives us crazy. If you check off items on the Honey-Do list, your be one happy man come Father's Day.
  • Cook for a week. If your partner is responsible for meal planning and prepping, take over this responsibility for a week.
  • Pee with the door closed. Moms of toddlers will really appreciate this. LOL.
  • Schedule appointments. This one is simple. Is your child due for a well visit or need to see the dentist for a cleaning. Schedule and YOU take them. Your wife will be so surprised.

And even though we might say we don't want anything, here are some good (material) gift ideas:

  • Wine - an ongoing supply of it. Bringing home a nice bottle is appreciated, but for the mom who likes to kick back with a glass at night, give her the gift that keeps on giving. You may think a "wine of the month" club sounds hokey, trust me, she'll love it and look forward to that delivery every month.
  • Clean car. A vehicle free from crumbs and clutter is like an oasis. Take your partner's car with child in tow to get washed and detailed.
  • A nice handbag. Sure a nice diaper bag or cross body bag would actually get used more and be more sensible, but we get tired of carrying around diapers, wipes, snacks and toys in a bag that's probably not the one we really want to carry. If you're buying a bag at Target, forget it (sorry Target and anyone who would be happy with a Target bag). If you don't know a good brand, ask her best friend or sister. Trust me, it's sounds materialistic, but this one is pure gold. It's something she can wear when it counts and keep long after kids are grown. Splurge - she's worth it!
  • Perfume. Moms sometimes don't get to shower every day or smell like spit up. A good smelling perfume can always make you feel like a new person, even if she's still covered in snot or spit up.
  • Spa treatment. Actually book the appointment for her on Mother's Day or the following weekend. Don't just get the gift certificate - actually do the work of booking it for her. It's one less thing for her to plan or forget to do.
  • Earrings. Stud earrings specifically. If you have a toddler at home, most jewelry is impossible to wear without getting yanks and pulls from sticky fingers. So in lieu of delicate necklaces or dangly earrings, opt for a nice pair of studs for minimal injury.
  • An experience. This one take a little more thought on your part. Think about the things your partner liked to do before kids. Was it photography? Salsa dancing? Going to concerts? A cooking class is fun, but only if she enjoys cooking.
  • A girlfriend date. This one also requires some planning - with your wife's friends husbands. Hopefully you know these guys and can coordinate. The one thing you may thing is your partners sees her friends all the time, especially if they have play dates. But play dates aren't a night out with friends without husbands and kids. Get in touch with a few of the guys, find a date that works, stay home with the kid(s), and send your wives out for a nice dinner that you call ahead and pay for! She'll be so surprised you thought of this she won't know what to say and will be so excited.
  • A clean house. Schedule a house cleaner to do a deep clean of the house. Your wife will appreciate it. Better yet, give her the gift that keeps on giving and schedule a cleaner for regular visits. If you do this, remember to still get her something small so she doesn't take offense that you think your house is always dirty. Trust me. :)

To all the mamas out there - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You rock. You're amazing. You're doing the best you can and your best is what's best for your family. Enjoy your day because you deserve it!


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