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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Buying a condo? Don't skip the inspection

Are you planning to purchase a condo soon? Don't skip the inspection! Even though condos have less maintenance than a house, condo owners can still experience a lot of the same issues that single family homes experience....

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4 ways to reduce Workers' Comp claims

In today’s litigious environment, claims against industrial companies are inevitable, and off-the-shelf solutions to manage liability risks are too often inadequate. In the high-risk manufacturing sector, where large-...

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6 tips to a prevent house fire

With the recent drought in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, there have been several fire losses throughout the area. Make sure you're preventing a house fire with these tips:Keep your yard free of debris, clean out your...

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Pool safety tips before you take a dip this summer

According to the CDC, more than 3,400 drowning take place in the U.S. each year, so run through this list of pool safety tips before you take a dip this summer!Whether you have a luxury in-ground pool, or plan to blow...

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Navigate Rainy Roadways With Care

It’s just rain — how much impact can it really have on your driving? The answer: a lot. You’re likely to experience lower visibility, reduced traction and increased difficulty in handling your car both during and after...

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Is your "baby" going to prom? Call us if they're renting a party bus!

It's prom season! You've been to all of the stores helping your daughter pick out the perfect dress or gotten your son fitted for his tux. Prom is a big milestone in a teenager's life, and the parents! It comes with a...

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Are you and your boat ready?

"Ice-out" was declared on Lake Minnetonka on March 17, 2016 - the earliest on record since 1878, which means the boating season is upon us. Are you and your boat ready? A watercraft inspection or a marine survey are two...

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Spring storms - are you ready?

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, it can also bring major storm activity in the form of torrential rains, hail, high wind, tornadoes or whatever else Mother Nature wants to throw our way. Being prepared...

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Buying an electric car? You may save on fuel, but will you save on auto insurance?

Tesla recently revealed its Model 3, an affordable luxury electric car meant for the masses. Car enthusiasts waited for hours last week outside the Eden Prairie Tesla dealership for a chance to own the highly...

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