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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Choosing an Insurance Agent: It's Not Just a Quote, It's a Relationship

Shopping for insurance? You may think you’re simply looking for an insurance policy. But, perhaps, what you’re really looking for isn’t a what but a who: Someone you can trust to guide you through the plethora of...

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Take Stock of Your Stuff: How To Do a Home Inventory

What is a home inventory, you ask? Once created, it will be the most valuable item in your house. Did you get a great gift for the holidays? Maybe a diamond ring, a new musical instrument or a beautiful watch? All of...

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Why is my house insured for more (or less) than the market value?

When reviewing homeowners insurance quotes with our clients, we often get asked, "Why is my house insured for more (or less) than the market value?" So, what's the deal? The answer: replacement cost. Replacement Cost vs....

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Tips to Save on Home Heating Costs

It’s no secret winters in the Midwest are frigid - and the next few days here will be COLD. Keep the chill outside by following these helpful tips to reduce your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.Make your home...

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7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you’ve probably done things like: Shift into drive while the car is still rolling backward. Ride the brakes on steep hills. Roll into the gas station on empty. Guilty? If so,...

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Have some new jewelry in the house? Protect it!

Have some new jewelry in the house? Protect it! - It’s exciting to receive jewelry from a loved one — or to give it as a gift. Not to mention romantic. But if you’re lucky enough to have some new jewelry in your home...

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18 Winter Preparation Tips for Car Owners

The brisk air and flurries may have some drivers dreading the roads this winter season, while others are so accustomed to the weather that driving in the snow is now second nature.Regardless of your driving experience...

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